fudofinds friday: georgetown cupcakes take the cake

It’s another FudoFinds Friday and today we’re featuring Georgetown Cupcakes! They are convenient to grab when in a hurry, they are smaller than a cake yet has its richness and the creamy frosting, and they also look adorable! Cupcakes are fast becoming a popular snack food for many Americans. Cupcakes and doughnuts are battling neck and neck to be in the top spot. Until it replaces doughnuts as a police officer’s accompaniment to coffee, that’s the day I reckon cupcakes will be declared the winner. For now, cupcakes are dainty, delicious, and delectable treats, from the simple and no-nonsense designs to those adorned with the cutest and fanciest frosting. For anyone who is a food fanatic or as what we fondly call ourselves, “foodies”, we should all be too familiar with the popularity of cupcakes and perhaps even caught the reality TV series on TLC titled “DC Cupcakes.” It features... Read the Rest →