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Giveaway is now Closed… “Mom, why can’t I have an Easy Bake Oven!? I am the only girl who doesn’t have one!!” If you were in my house when I was a child you would hear this question at least once a week. My mother’s logic was that it was a messy toy. Why did I need an Easy Bake Oven when I could use the real one? As a 42 year old woman I still haven’t let go of the disappointment. Once a gadget junkie, always a gadget junkie. As a child my need for an Easy Bake Oven went deeper than the need to keep up with my peers. I am a born kitchen gadget junkie. I admit it. I still haven’t found a self help group for this affliction and my family has not had an intervention (yet), so I carry on with my obsession. This past... Read the Rest →