easy desserts & recipes: no frills seriously delicious carrot cake & passion cake recipe

Whoever thought of adding a vegetable to dessert to somehow ease the guilty pleasure is a genius! After all, a cake is only a cake, but the addition of carrots provides that distinct flavor that gives the otherwise ordinary cake a delicious twist. Carrot cake is also known as “Passion cake” and using carrots is an age old secret to create sweet cakes since the medieval period. Sweeteners were as valuable as gold and usually very expensive but carrots, with their natural sweetness, were a lot cheaper. The origins of carrot cake can be traced back to Norway, and during WWII it became a rationing staple in Britain when a businessman named George C. Page asked bakers to make use of an overabundance of canned carrots. The idea of a carrot cake worked wonders for creating a demand for the excess canned carrots! The Americans caught the carrot cake bug... Read the Rest →


easy desserts & recipes: the ombré layered fluffy white cake recipe graduated in pink pastels & rose cake

Layered cakes will make any celebration twice the fun. An ombre cake will do just the trick in adding that special festive mood in every delicious bite. Ombré means shaded in French. There is no clear history of the origins of ombre cake but its popularity is unmistakable. The distinct ombre style is a graduation of colors that are usually layered from dark to light. This unique and gorgeous cake is the perfect way to let out your inner artistic talent by an explosion of colors! There is a rainbow of colors to choose from to create such an effect. But to achieve it, layering is always a necessity. Depending on your mood, let’s say you’re feeling blue or you’re up for something spectacular like orange, the gradients of colors will always make your cake worth ogling or better yet… eating! Here is a collection of tips when making ombre... Read the Rest →


easy desserts & recipes: crunchy cookie topped cream puffs & profiterole’s & choux cream puffs

Cream puffs, profiterole, or as it is known in Japan, “choux cream puffs”, are a gift from the gods! There are so many types of pastries but no other can be as delectable as choux cream puffs. We oftentimes fail to think about just how such a delicious creation has come to pass because we are always enthralled with the burst of scrumptiousness whenever we bite into any pastry, most especially a choux puff. Pastries have been made to intoxicate the senses and it especially affects one’s senses of smell, sight, and taste. The choux cream is no exception. Its origin and the name “profiterole” is ambiguous, but many sources have traced it to North Eastern Italy, and this term has graced man’s lips in English and was borrowed from the French as early as the 16th century. At the time, it was a kind of roll that was baked... Read the Rest →


holidays & recipes: 4th of july guests for breakfast & the belgium waffle

July 4th. Independence Day. The day when all Americans celebrate their freedom. From one region of the United States to the next traditional foods are prepared with the anticipation of backyard feasting and evening fireworks. Growing up on the East Coast, we often had many out of town guests, some opted for the “Hotel” experience and others dug in their heels (or sneakers) and spent the night at our house. Being the host or hostess can be hectic, I know this all too well.  What a better way to serve your guests with homemade waffles? We finally perfected the waffle batter over the years, this is, hands down, one of our favorite recipes.  You might want to buy another waffle iron depending on how many guests you have, but we usually have three going at once with a party of six or more (guests are hungry from the long trips... Read the Rest →


easy desserts & recipes: tiramisu entremet

Entremets is an Old French word that means “between servings”. In modern French cuisine, entremet is a dish served in between courses to cleanse the palate for the next dish or it can simply be a dessert. This was common among the nobility and upper middle class in Western Europe, in the later part of the Middle Ages and the early modern period. An entremets’ main function was to herald the end of a course, be a conversational piece (hence, its elaborateness) and to prepare the diner for the next dish. Nowadays, entremet’s are usually chilled desserts that are made with layers of mousse and cake. It can even include pastry creams that help it set better. One of my favorite entremet’s is the Matcha Entremet (green tea). Matcha is increasingly becoming popular, not just because of its health benefits and effectiveness to help you detoxify after a rich food... Read the Rest →


stew & soup recipes: cold tomato bisque recipe by jacques pepin

As the temperatures climbed into the 90’s today it was clear what would be on the table for dinner; some form of cold soup. Cold soups are so very easy and extremely fresh and healthy. It is a simple thing to take a walk through your local farmers market and find the produce that will yield a of a wide variety of cold soups. Tomatoes are plentiful this time of year and throughout the summer. Tomatoes are a fruit that is rich in lycopene. Solanum lycopersicum is a member of the nightshade family and originated in South America, most likely Peru. This versatile fruit was hailed as an aphrodisiac by the natives of South America. When the fruit was brought back to Europe the French seemed to feel the same way as the peoples of South America and they named this new fruit “pomme d’amore”, love apple. There is some... Read the Rest →


reading & recipes: reading lolita in tehran & coffee ice cream recipe

I recently read a book called Reading Lolita in Tehran, by Azar Nafisi. This book is Nafisi’s memoir about life in Tehran during Iran’s revolution and their eight year war with Iraq. Nafisi was raised in Iran, but as a college student she studied literature in America. She returned to Iran after her studies in America and discovered that her beloved homeland was not the same as the one in which she was raised. Nafisi arrived when Iran was in the beginning stages of the revolution. She lived in Tehran for 18 years (1979-1980) before finally leaving the oppression of the Islamic Republic. It occurred to me, while reading the novel that the terrifying Islamic Regime that gain control of Iran was essentially bullying in its most pure form. Nafisi’s husband, points out: “They have the power to kill us or flog us, but all of this only reminds them... Read the Rest →


home remedies & recipes: coconut lemon macaroon & how to clean your wooden cutting board

Home remedies are sometimes the most efficient and the cheaper. We all know the amazing powers of the lemon. Try using a little lemon juice to combat bacteria hiding in your wood cutting board. Simply rub the lemon juice into the board, let it sit overnight or for 8 hours and then rinse. The acidic lemon juice will kill off unwanted bacteria. News We were nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for nominating us Kitchen Memories! Lemon Coconut Macaroons Adapted from Paula Deen on the Food Network Ingredients 1 large egg white 1/8 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk 1 tablespoon lemon zest 1/2 teaspoon lemon extract 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 (14-ounce) bag shredded sweetened coconut, finely chopped Note: (we added an egg yolk and 1/4th cup of Almond Flour) Directions Preheat the oven to 300 degree F. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. In... Read the Rest →


home remedies & recipes: the beauty in a strawberry & strawberry custard tartlettes

The beauty industry makes millions of dollars on our obsession for youthful skin. Before the beauty industry women turned to mother nature for their “lotions”. Do you want the curative powers of alpha-hydroxy? Strawberries have the alpha-hydroxy that we desire. Cut a strawberry in half and rub on your skin. It may feel a little sticky, but when you rinse the strawberry juice off your skin will feel wonderful. Make this a habit and watch your skin take on its youthful natural glow once again. Pastry Cream Recipe by CHRISTINIBEANIE at all recipes.com Ingredients 2 cups milk 1/4 cup white sugar 2 egg yolks 1 egg 1/4 cup cornstarch 1/3 cup white sugar 2 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Directions In a heavy saucepan, stir together the milk and 1/4 cup of sugar. Bring to a boil over medium heat. In a medium bowl, whisk together the egg yolks... Read the Rest →


savory dishes: summertime & nelly’s bbq spare ribs

It’s funny how the seasons tend to remind us of the things we used to do while growing up. Each season rekindles a particular memory that we like to keep in the cobwebs of our mind. These memories are what we hold dear and will treasure when our bodies can no longer keep up with the follies of our younger years. Who wouldn’t love spring and summer? I would always be nudged from slumber by the animated chirping of birds outside my window. From the moment I opened my eyes I would already anticipate and look forward to what awaited for the rest of the day. I didn’t even mind the gentle buzz of the neighbor’s lawnmower. Nothing compares to the smell of freshly mowed grass in the morning. I was in charge of checking the PH balance of the water in our pool, cleaning the filter, and adding a... Read the Rest →


easy desserts & recipes: chocolate chocolate ice cream recipe by alton brown & bon appetite

Once in a while we just get in the mood for chocolate. As we’ve gotten older our tastes have changed. When we were younger we loved anything chocolatey, all the time. Now, we enjoy desserts with flavors that we would have spurned in our youth. But, there are those times when you crave a chocolate dessert. Over the past two days it has become hot…sauna hot. We went from sleeping with our windows open to buttoning up the hatches and cranking the air. When craving chocolate in this weather there is nothing left to do but make chocolate ice cream. Creamy, smooth, simply delicious chocolate ice cream will be the only thing to hit the spot. We find ourselves, again, using an Alton Brown ice cream recipe for a good basic chocolate ice cream. But, if you want to get sexy and take it to orgasmic levels then try the... Read the Rest →


easy desserts & recipes: lemon sorbet & italian lemon ice

I grew up in New Jersery, a mere 8 miles from my Nonna (grandmother), but as anyone from the metropolitan area understands, 8 miles is a world away. And, a summer evening spent at Nonna’s was indeed a different world. I lived in the suburbs. Nonna lived in a city, in a neighborhood that was primarily populated by Italian immigrants and their families. I loved the brownstone homes, some of them attached, some divided ever so slightly by a narrow alley, but all with their windows open, hoping the evening breeze would blow through the lace curtains. In the summer most of the Italian families in the neighborhood transformed their small postage stamp backyards into vegetable garden jungles. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, basil, parsley were planted and tended to with care. I can still recall the scent of the garden on a hot, humid evening, crickets chirping, lightening bugs glowing.... Read the Rest →


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