holidays and recipes: feels like the first time

Being away from home, it always makes it bearable being so far from family if I do the usual things I took for granted while growing up when I was back home. The most poignant times are when I celebrate the traditional festivities such as Thanksgiving. It makes me feel less displaced and more like I’m still on a journey towards finding my true self. My simple logic that puts my mind at ease is that wherever I find myself in the world, I can always make a home for myself as long as I am secure about what I want from life and that I am proud of what I have accomplished. Anyhoo, back to the turkey… It’s been quite awhile since I prepared my own Thanksgiving feast. This was actually only my second turkey that I ever made, with the exception of doing a deconstructed turkey photo shoot... Read the Rest →


holidays: a turkey run

As you know, today is Wednesday, a day of the week we dedicate to a different country and its cuisine.  This week we have landed in Antarctica.  Because the fare of those living in Antarctica tends to be unappealing to us humans we have decided to dedicate this post to Thanksgiving preparation, namely, cooking a turkey.  But, before we launch into our sage advice about turkey preparation we would like to direct you to two websites:  Cool Antarctica and World Wildlife Fund. At Cool Antarctica you can read some interesting facts, look at beautiful pictures and contemplate putting this destination on your bucket list.   At World Wildlife Fund you can read about their mission to protect nature and the beautiful creatures that are in danger, which includes one of our favorites, the Polar Bear. OK folks, let’s talk turkey. Making a turkey is not as daunting a task as you may think. There is... Read the Rest →