MyFudo concentrates primarily on content related to photography, food, culinary fashion, and recipes. Posts are regularly updated, focusing on the latest culinary trends highlighted with exemplary visuals from aspiring professional food photographers and professional food photographers. Aside from the standard articles and blogs, MyFudo is also proud to be launching the “gallery”, which puts the spotlight on photographs from contributors as well as from members of MyFudo staff. The gallery is the perfect place to showcase exceptional photographs (subject for approval).

FUDO Fotos the gallery

Playing with the notion of “picture perfect”, FUDO Fotos has created a platform to inspire all budding photographers. It is a page where freedom of expression through photography is encouraged yet we maintain a strict rule on the quality of images we choose to show. There are numerous sites and FUDO Fotos strives to be a cut above the rest. In the competitive world of food blogging and photography, Fudo Fotos is a safe haven for those who want to grow as a photographer. Our unbiased selection process is a refreshing breath of air as we do not care if you are a stay at home mom new to food photography or a professional who shoots for magazines. All photographs chosen to be featured in the site are subjected to the same selection process and standards and everyone is on equal ground.

FUDO Fotos will help you grow and discover your artistic creativity by expecting nothing but the best from you. If your photo meets our criteria it will be featured. FUDO Fotos will also provide you with our “discover” feature. This will allow you an in-depth, constructive, and impartial evaluation of your work. You as a photographer will be given the opportunity to learn and get valuable tips to improve your techniques.

MyFudo. It is pronounced as “my – foo – dough.” “Fudo” is the Japanese word for “food.” It is a site that talks about love for food, life in general, where the East meets the West, and where ideas collide and jive to blow your mind!

Who takes the costs of MyFudo? is backed by a vertical network of pages. These pages are mainly gaming communities, which concentrate on browser games likes Farmville, Bubble Shooter and others. And because gaming is double fun with fine food, we run this page. If you are bored, check out our Blockbuster Bubble or the Alltime Classic Tetris. All the provided games run directly in your browser and are totally free, like MyFudo is.


We hope you enjoy your stay here at MyFudo. If you like to, you can leave a comment – we are happy about any kind of feedback :).