She takes charge of the marketing efforts of MyFudo’s various channels; from data gathering to analysis, to presentation. This may sound less than thrilling, but Aleli makes it a load of fun. She is a whiz at online interactions and promotions, and manages the Social Media aspect of the site. Before joining the MyFudo Team, Aleli had honed her internet marketing skills by serving multiple roles in various websites. It is an understatement to say that Aleli is multi-talented and skilled! Being a part of the MyFudo Team is an ideal match since she has always been fond of baking and food design.


Anna grew up believing that “anything worth doing is worth doing well.” When she learned that her little girl was hearing impaired, she thought of ways to be the best mother to her daughter. She quit her job as a Product Trainer in an American-outsourced call center so she could plan on the best options for my daughter. Through online writing, researching, and being a part of the MyFudo Team, Anna used the internet as a tool to keep doing what she loves the most…being a mom! Anna is happy to report that her daughter’s vocabulary and verbal skills have dramatically improved and her hearing impairment is barely noticeable. As Anna says, “life can be beautiful – if we allow it to be!”


Ali was born on the hilly side of Kenya, in the little town of Kitale. He would grow up to be a highly skilled chef, which comes as no surprise since he was raised in a family that loves everything about food, and regards food preparation as the highlight of the day. His father has been his culinary inspiration, and his influence is reflected in Ali’s achievements and dish creations. Ali joined the MyFudo Team, armed with his passion for food and invaluable expertise in social media management. He also brings to the table the various delicious recipes and tastes that showcase our everyday trials and triumphs, and how these affect our culinary life.