news: {we were nominated} we need your help…please vote for us for the 2012 best recipe blog on the kitchn

Have you ever been to The Kitchn? If you haven’t we highly recommend a visit. It is a cheery, inspiring and thoughtfully put together network under Apartment Therapy. The Kitchn is hosting The Homies, a competition for best home and food blogs. MyFudo is honored to have been nominated in the following category: Best Recipe Blog. It is exhilarating to be included among so many distinguished blogs. We would love if you could take the time to vote for us. Here’s how to vote: 1. Register at The Kitchn: This is fast and easy. We would not ask you to do anything that took too much of your time and we do think The Kitchn is such a wonderful blog that you will be glad you registered. You, too, will be inspired. 2. You might have to log in again to vote. 3. Vote for myFudo in the Best Recipe... Read the Rest →


news: contest canceled plus a giveaway and a chocolate mousse recipe

My Fudo News Flash: We are sorry to inform that the Oscar Weekend Contest has been cancelled due to lack of interest. In lieu of the contest we would like you participate in a giveaway. We understand that many of you have very hectic schedules. It is quick and easy to enter the giveaway: In order to enter the giveaway: 1. Please add us to your blogroll (we’d love it) (let us know you did) 2. Please “like” us on Facebook and add us as a friend. 3. Tweet and Post about it on Both Twitter and Facebook The winner will enjoy a copy of Essential Pepin, Jacque Pepin’s latest cookbook. To entice you we would like you to enjoy the following recipe from the prolific Jacque Pepin Photography Tips: 1. Rippled Cardboard Paper (Corrugated Paper) You can get this under four bucks! 2. Any featured chocolate desserts, break off... Read the Rest →


news: arrested by facebook

Have you heard of the term “Facebook fatigue”? If not, then you are probably a smart cookie for not being too intimately involved with Facebook. We have not only heard of this term, but are currently experiencing it. We have Facebook fatigue. We just got arrested by Facebook, and are contained for Seven days. Facebook for most bloggers and online businesses is a must. It is, in our opinion, a necessary evil. Don’t get us wrong, we love the idea of social networking. Staying connected with friends and family is difficult when you live hundreds or thousands of miles away from them so we are very much aware of the benefits of social networking. But, it is difficult to keep up with the amount of changes taking place on Facebook. Unless you live and breathe Facebook, which some people do and we call them addicts, then it is quite difficult... Read the Rest →