1. How do I get a copy of a particular recipe that I like?

It’s as simple as clicking on a food photo that sparks your hunger cravings and you will automatically be taken to the blog post of the author where you will most likely find the recipe.

2. Will MyFudo provide me with tips to improve my skills?

Several sites can give you great advice such as these:

  • Digital Photography School
  • PictureCorrect
  • photo.net
  • Cambridge in Color
  • Photopoly

3. Will I be able to get RSS feeds for a category page?

MyFudo is proud to offer the RSS feature for any category page. Just type in /feed/ at the end of the URL for a particular category.

4. Will I be able to get RSS feeds for a category page?

MyFudo is proud to offer the RSS feature for any category page. Just type in /feed/ at the end of the URL for a particular category.

5. How can I change my password for my log-in at MyFudo or my email address?

Go to your profile page and look for “change your password or email address” from the navigational bar.

6. Can I change my MyFudo username?

Once you decide on a username, it will be your permanent username. You can no longer change it yourself. However, if you request MyFudo to have it changed using the contact form, we can change it for you if it is still available. Please include the email address you have registered in your MyFudo account.

Your Profile

1. After registering, and confirming your e-mail, you’ll be able to log in. To view your profile please click on “profile” in the header. This will bring you to your profile page where you’ll see your “Submitted & Approved Photos” (viewed publicly). Denied & Pending photos are only accessible by you, the “users” which are viewed privately.

2. The contains of your profile viewed publicly. Please take note of how signing up with us can be useful traffic back to your site.

3. In “My Profile” which is accessible from your “Profile” you have the ability to edit your “My Profile” this is important because when your profile is viewed by visitors, you can make yourself/site/business more accessible by filling out the social network information called “Extra Profile Information” (this can be found under your profile photo submission) when you can fill out the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr

4. Also in “My Profile” you have “Contact Information” here the following will be publicly visible if you fill out the information:

  • E-mail (NOT VISIBLE)
  • Website
  • AIM
  • Yahoo IM
  • Jabber/Google Talk/Skype
  • Google Plus

5. When photo are pending this information will be available on the right hand side of your profile listed under “Pending” here you’ll find your pending photos in a thumbnail icon. Pending Photos are only visible to the user, they are not public.

6. When a photo is Denied, we provide constructive feedback on how to either re-submit, crop, tips and tricks on how to get your photo approved. This information is not made public, this is only visible to you, the user.

7. When viewing your profile, you can log out, or have the ability to edit it by clicking on “profile” to update your social icons.


1. Why don’t my submissions ever appear on MyFudo?

MyFudo is never biased. We constantly strive to keep excellence as part of our motivating factor in keeping the success of MyFudo. We select and publish submissions that are of the highest quality. We also limit the number of submissions that we publish in the site to give each and every submission their due time in the spotlight.Some of the more common reasons for rejections are:

  • Photo lighting issues – images appear to be overexposed or underexposed
  • Composition – the photo has an unattractive camera angle or distracting foreground/background
  • Focus – image is not sharp enough when reduced to 300×250 pixels
  • White balance – the image appears to have a color cast and may look too yellow, blue, and the like
  • Image not found – the image does not have the proper link

If your submission does not meet the standards set by MyFudo, you will automatically receive a feedback stating the reason for the decline. To see the specific reason for rejection, you can visit your profile and look under “denied photos” and click on the thumbnail of the image to view the reason for decline. MyFudo prides itself in giving detailed suggestions to further improve your craft.

2. Why was my image yet again declined even after I followed your suggestions?

When you sometimes edit your image and resubmit, MyFudo editors will oftentimes accept your photo. There are, however, instances when there are several issues with an image that after you fix one issue, others remain. In most cases, editors of the site will only point out the most obvious due to the number of submissions.

3. Can MyFudo provide a more in-depth feedback?

MyFudo constantly strives to be a cut above the rest by seeking to give detailed feedback to help you improve your skills in food photography. But bear in mind that although the site follows a strict guideline in the selection process, our decision still remains subjective and we may also not have the resources to go into extreme detail with each submission.

4. Why was my submission initially declined and later published?

MyFudo values quality, but our staff is also human. We sometimes have varying opinions and we rotate in reviewing submissions with our other editors. If we feel that the previous rejection was a fault we may publish a submission that was initially declined.

5. Why did MyFudo decline an image while another site accepted it?

Every site has their own set of standards to guide them in the selection process. MyFudo is an independent site with our own editors that seek beautiful quality images. We do not let other sites cloud or influence any of our decisions.

6. What are MyFudo’s criteria for submissions?

  • The image must contain visually appealing food
  • The photo must have great quality in terms of lighting, exposure, white balance, and such
  • The image must be sharp even after being reduced in size
  • The image must be tastefully presented

7. Are there any rules I should follow prior to submission?

  • Attribution for all the images is a requirement. MyFudo values the work and effort people put into their contributions to the World Wide Web. We strongly believe in not infringing on the copyrights of others. We will take down anything that has been put up in violation of these rights.
  • If you feel that your image has been mistakenly posted without your consent, kindly get in touch with any of the MyFudo staff at the contact info page of the site.
  • You must be registered to the MyFudo site to contribute images. Submitted photos are subject to approval of MyFudo based on the quality of the image. The photograph approved for publishing will be automatically be cropped and resized to 300px by 250px. MyFudo reserves all rights to remove published images at any time.

8. Who can submit pictures to MyFudo?

Anyone and everyone are welcome to submit photos to MyFudo! Just make sure to include the correct link that leads back to the original blog post where the image is from. You can also add details of where the image is from such as “taken from” or “via” if you did not take the picture yourself.

9. What is the timeframe before a submission appears on MyFudo?

The review process is a lot faster than the moderation process, which can sometime take as long as 12 hours. Please allow us 12 to 24 hours to publish your submission. As much as possible, we want to give each submission as much traffic before we post another one.

10. How will MyFudo notify me of the results of my submission?

MyFudo staff will usually send out an email to advise you if your submission has been accepted or declined. You can check the opt-in box on your profile page. Remember to log in before checking. Each new submission you make can be seen in your profile under pending images. If your image is declined, you can see it under declined images with a corresponding feedback.

11. Can I submit more than one image for the same post?

MyFudo encourages you to choose only the best image for your post and submit only one. If your initial image was declined, you may then submit another image for review. Please allow time for review and wait for the result before submitting again.

12. Can I only submit images with 300 pixels by 250 pixels?

You can submit images that are larger but it will be cropped to MyFudo’s requirements. We recommend that you adjust the image size yourself so that you have full control of the outcome. MyFudo will not accept images that are smaller than 300 pixels by 250 pixels. We accept images for review with a height of at least 250 pixels.

13. Why do my images seem to be less visually appealing when I submit to MyFudo?

Please check the display function of your computer screen. It is normal to see less color saturation and obvious loss of color in your images when you submit. The reason for this may be the color profile of your image. If you are using Adobe RGB (1998) it is natural to encounter faded colors whenever you submit an image. We highly recommend using an SRGB color profile/working space in your image editing software.

14. Why do I keep getting an error message whenever I submit an image or preview a submission?

If you are trying to submit a 300×250 pixel photo, or anything larger, or the file size is under 600kb, clear your cache or any MyFudo browser cookies and try submitting again. If you are still having trouble, try using another browser.

15. Is MyFudo partial in choosing submissions from people who belong to affiliated clubs or organizations or advertisers?

MyFudo is an independent site that prides itself in having unbiased opinions. It has a keen selection process with strict guidelines to help decide whether your submissions are accepted or rejected. MyFudo editors are trained professional photographers who do their jobs all for the passion for food. They are not food bloggers themselves, which prevents any conflict of interest in the selection process. MyFudo staff adheres to the stringent standards in quality of content. Advertising is clearly displayed as an ad.


1. What are does “favorites” mean in the header?

Favorites are the pages that you would like to visit time and again. You can add to your selection of favorite food recipes by clicking on the heart icon found in the gallery of photos. Make sure you log in and simply click on favorites to lead you to your very own favorites page.