holidays: halloween fall is here

Halloween is a much anticipated holiday, especially in the US. Children dress up in scary or funny costumes and knock on neighbors’ doors and shout “Trick or Treat!” From ghastly ghosts to pink princesses, they carry huge bags and open them for people to stuff in candies and other sweet goodies. This occasion has Christian origins and has been celebrated since 800 BCE. It precedes All Saints’ Day and the mass said on this day was called “Allhallowmas.” That’s why the evening was known as “All Hallow e’en,” or as we now know it, “Halloween.” Because of the US influence, a lot of countries also celebrate this tradition albeit in different ways, such as New Zealand, the Philippines, and Australia. The Halloween celebration has always been connected to spirits. The holiday is also represented with witches on broomsticks, goblins, ghosts, black cats, and other scary creatures of the night. They... Read the Rest →