easy desserts and recipes: eggnog-ish spiked ice cream

It’s totally way past Christmas, and New Year’s, but we have snow flurries outside, and I’m still playing catch up from Christmas. At least the tree is put away and the lights are down. I wouldn’t want you thinking I lived in a broken down trailer park and was living vicariously through some red-neck. It’s always the relaxing atmosphere after the holiday rush that makes these cold, long, luxurious days even more enjoyable. Anyhoo, growing up, I looked forward to eggnog. Not the spiked eggnog the old fogies such as Grandpa or the pot-bellied uncles used to guzzle down. But the thick, sludge-like eggnog that you would find at your local 7-11, Royal Farm store, or whatever 24-hour mart, and regular supermarkets. Well, y’all know I’m far, far away from anything remotely eggnog-ish and such, being in the other side of the world (not the boondocks, contrary to what you... Read the Rest →