news: contest canceled plus a giveaway and a chocolate mousse recipe

My Fudo News Flash: We are sorry to inform that the Oscar Weekend Contest has been cancelled due to lack of interest. In lieu of the contest we would like you participate in a giveaway. We understand that many of you have very hectic schedules. It is quick and easy to enter the giveaway: In order to enter the giveaway: 1. Please add us to your blogroll (we’d love it) (let us know you did) 2. Please “like” us on Facebook and add us as a friend. 3. Tweet and Post about it on Both Twitter and Facebook The winner will enjoy a copy of Essential Pepin, Jacque Pepin’s latest cookbook. To entice you we would like you to enjoy the following recipe from the prolific Jacque Pepin Photography Tips: 1. Rippled Cardboard Paper (Corrugated Paper) You can get this under four bucks! 2. Any featured chocolate desserts, break off... Read the Rest →