fudo finds friday: american spoon preserves

There was a day when jams and jellies weren’t a second thought, something haphazardly spread on a biscuit or toast as we run out of the door in the morning. There was a day when jams and jellies were the only way Americans could get a serving of fruit in the dead of winter. At one time in our history almost every woman knew how to preserve summer’s bounty. Jams and jellies became the rock stars of preserving because they hold the sweet, sun kissed fruits of summer. Today more and more people are looking to learn the art of food preservation known as canning. But, for those who would prefer to buy a homemade jam or jelly we are seeing a large variety available for purchase at farmer’s markets and online. No longer are we limited to a jar of strawberry or grape jelly. We can choose from pear,... Read the Rest →