just desserts: wagashi chestnut bean cake

A bean cake is something that you either love or hate at first bite. Have you ever heard the saying “it’s an acquired taste”? Whenever someone tries to warn you that you’re about to try something typically horrid… well, I don’t think you can acquire the taste of something you don’t like at first bite. It’s more like you want to taste something again (whether it’s nasty or not) because you want to be reminded of a memory that is associated with familiar tastes and smells. I’m no psychologist or Freudian expert, but it all adds up. Elementary, my dear Watson… Wagashi is a traditional Japanese confection made with bean paste (shiroan), a common ingredient used in many Japanese sweets. These desserts were typically served with tea. Its name was derived from a careful formula that best emulates natural beauty and a word from the context of ancient Japanese literature.... Read the Rest →