worldly wednesdays: algerian cookie recipe

Algeria is the second largest country on the continent of Africa. The indigenous Berber people inhabit Algeria, but until recent history had been under the rule of others since the Phoenicians (1000 BCE). Of course, the Romans once ruled in Algeria and then Muslim Arabs for many centuries as well as Turks from the Ottoman Empire. Finally, and most recently, the French ruled in Algeria. However, with the end of French rule, Algeria became an independent country. Algerian cuisine is known as Maghrib, which denotes the region in which Algeria is located. There are many similarities with the cuisine of Morocco and Tunisia. Algerian cuisine is not only influenced by its region, but by the many foreign cultural influences brought to the country by its many rulers. We could have chosen to make a savory dish filled with the wonderful spices used in Algerian (North African) cooking, however we chose... Read the Rest →