2011 Christmas Card Exchange

2011 Christmas Card Exchange A quick update to let you know the list will go out December 2nd, 2011, a day later than we anticipated, we wanted to extend it another day to allow for others to sign up. We'll need your information by 10 p.m. EST, please use the contact us form. Christmas is just around the corner folks! What better way to remind us than by all the festive Christmas decorations in the stores and the joyful mood everyone seems to be in, unless you're the Grinch!  In light of the season, we thought up an event called "The Tastes of Christmas" to give us a glimpse of how the joy of the season is spent in your own homes. We would like to remind everyone participating to include all the necessary details to make sure that everyone gets a Christmas card. We wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed. As we all know snail mail can tend to be quite busy might take longer to deliver during the holidays. So please try to send your card out as early as you can to avoid the holiday rush. Looking forward to spreading the joy of the holidays and receiving your Christmas card soon! Happy Holidays to all!
How to participate: We value all personal information you will be sharing. As a safety measure, to join in on the fun, please send us your information by using the contact form. Both of us will be participating, and we are so excited.
  1. Please send us your e-mail address, and your mailing address.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us through the contact form. In an effort to bring the people of the world closer together, we thank you in advance for taking the time to participate.
  2. Everyone who would like to participate, we will need your information by December 1st. This is the day we will mail out the mailing addresses to all who will be joining in on the festivity. We kindly ask that you title the subject "Tastes of Christmas".
  3. We value privacy, and any information which is sent to us is kept private, and only shared with others who participate in the 2011 Christmas Card exchange. No one outside of the exchange list gets the information.
Food is an international language. It never discriminates and it explicitly speaks more than words about a culture, history and tradition of each country. Christmas, is a season that is celebrated in many different ways all over the world. Called Christmas by many, the holiday goes by many different names and with just as many traditions. But, most importantly, the true essence of this holiday is the spirit of love, a truly human experience. Let us all gather to a global table and share the sensations of tastes andsmells that speak to us of the holiday season. In the spirit of giving and community we hope to bring together all the foodies of the world whether a novice or professional. In this age of communication it is such a pity to waste the opportunity to get to know and understand others and their cultures. Many cultures celebrate Christmas. They celebrate in just as many different ways. The food on dining tables can range from simple to bountiful. But, no matter what your traditions the results are usually the same; shared feelings of happiness and love that draws friends and families together. We encourage you to open your doors this Christmas by signing up to join “The Tastes of Christmas” card exchange. It would be wonderful to get to know what observing the season is like for you, what meaning the holidays have for you, how you celebrate it, and anything and everything at all that you would like to share. We will send the list out to participants by the 1st of December 2011. We look forward to sharing a peek into your world with a Christmas card to break all cultural boundaries, and you never know, there may be another kismet among us.
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