fudo finds: dainty delights cookies

Dainty Delights Cookies Gourmet Cookies Believe it or not Valentine’s Day is just two and a half weeks away! It is hard to believe that January is almost over (not that we mind) and, if you are like us, Valentine’s Day is going to sneak up on you. We were looking for Valentine’s Day products and came upon these lovely cookies by Dainty Delights. They caught our attention for their focused attention to detail and their soft, Victorian fashion. “Dainty Delights specialty lies in the creation of exceptional gourmet decorative and traditional cookies, cupcakes and Faberge chocolate eggs/containers that are not only delicious, delightful, stylish and creative but fun. Our grand array of dainty desserts are passionately conceived from scratch using only the finest and freshest ingredients, traditional cookies are moist and baked to perfection and decorative cookies and cakes are accentuated with elaborate designs and wonderful flavors. “ Dainty Delights hails from Coral Springs, Florida. Having lived in Florida we know that baking, despite having air conditioners, can be hot. Decorating in Florida heat is also challenging. But, Dainty Delights has created original, beautiful executed desserts. All you need to do is look at the Penny Roses and you will quickly ascertain that the creator of these cookies has an eye for detail, a steady hand and sublime creativity. For that special little girl in your life you may want to look at the fun Hello Kitty cookies that come in five different designs (two of each in an order of ten). Or, if you have a little princess you might want to look at these Little Princess cookies, reminiscent of Cinderella’s gown, glass slipper and carriage. We are particularly fond of the Cameo Cookie, which is both sophisticated, old world and while feminine and soft they are also bold. “Our gourmet decorative butter cookies are preservative free, and are prepared using only the finest and freshest ingredients as well as baked and hand crafted fresh for each order. Each cookie is displayed in clear, individual cellophane bags tied with coordinating satin bows.” Dainty Delights’ cookies are perfect for formal affairs, showers, birthday parties and holidays. These cookies make wonderful gifts that demonstrate you went the extra mile to say thank you or best wishes. Do you have a custom order? Contact Dainty Delights and they will provide excellent customer service and a marvelous custom order, such as these Baby Shower cookies. Sixty Six cookies were created for the Baby Shower order and we are sure each one of those cookies looked as perfect as the next. Dainty Delights was born when the wonderfully talented artist behind the cookies “decided to pursue the business of confections because of (my) love, passion and natural talent for creating scrumptious, unique and beautiful gourmet decorative and traditional cookies, cupcakes, Faberge eggs/containers and other desserts.” Don’t just give your loved ones a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Show your loved ones that you really do care to send the very best. Send them a divine gift from Dainty Delight. You will be satisfied with the product and the customer service. And, you will love the praise you will receive from your loved ones.
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  • January 30, 2012 at 12:50 am //

    Wow, I hadn’t even thought about the approaching Valentine’s Day until reading this… I need to start getting ready. These beautiful cookies would be wonderful gifts for the occasion!

    • January 30, 2012 at 9:21 am //

      I know, it’s sneaking up on us before we know it, right? Aren’t they adorable cookies? Thank you so much for commenting Nicole.