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Chic Apron We try to include a Fudo Find each week, but found that there are so many incredible finds we must include more than one a week. This week we’d like to bring to your attention five fun finds. KC’s Canning’s tag line states: “Not your mother’s jams and jellies!!!” Kerrie, the talent behind the canning isn’t kidding when she makes that statement. Preserving foods by canning them was developed out of a necessity in 1809 by a French confectioner and brewer, Nicolas Appert, who observed that food cooked inside a jar, did not spoil unless the seals leaked. The women of the world took note. Canning became a household practice for many who had farms or large kitchen gardens. Thankfully, the art and science of canning is not lost. Kerrie provides us with a delightful choice of canned goods that truly are not our mother’s jams and jellies. With flavors such as vanilla peach bourbon, cherry amaretto, ice blue raspberry lemonade and banana cake batter (Yum!) you will never suffer another jar of store brand strawberry jelly. Keep an eye on KC’s Canning to see what delicious combinations she is cooking up. As a child you may have heard, “Don’t play with your food!” And now as an adult, if you have children, you may be uttering the same words (with horror, thinking, OMG, I sound just like my mother). This next Fudo Find will have you saying the exact opposite to your children; “Please, go play with your food!” Bee’s Felt Market creates adorable felt food. We love the 4 types of pasta, fruits and veggies are all so fun. There are sandwiches and bags of chips. What child won’t love playing with the spaghetti and meatball combo or the pancakes, sausage and bacon set? We’d love a few sets of the green and purple grapes to set out in a bowl. Heidi Marie, the crafter behind the felt curtain, so to speak, has done a fabulous job and has earned her shop’s tagline, “bee-utiful felt food”. Everywhere you look these days there are cake pops. Go to any bake sale, craft fair or special occasion and you will see cake pops, but you may not see any as cute as the ones we found at Frost the Cake. Alana and Julie Saleh are baking up whimsical treats such as their cake pops that look like mini cupcakes and their spa party bubble bath cake pops. The PB&J pops will delight any fan of the sandwich. Of course, we love the pink champagne cake pops! Butter cream frosting and pink champagne cake, dipped in pink chocolate and topped with pink crystal sugar and champagne bubbles is a must have for those of you planning a bridal shower this wedding season. For a savory specialty take a virtual walk over to Farina. What will catch your eye immediately is the ricci di donna (lady’s curls). Ricci di donna is bright and beautiful. Beets give this pasta its vibrant color and mellow flavor that will look stunning when served. Having learned how to make pasta as a child “K”, has created other pastas that will delight you and get you out of that spaghetti rut. Take a look at the sweet pea orecchiette (little ears) or the sweet pepper cappellacci dei briganti (robbers' hats). You will love the sweet potato, whole wheat farfalle and the Foglie d'ulivo (olive leaves) which are colored with spinach and shaped as leaves. All of the pasta’s you find at Farina will have your family and/or guests oohing and ahhing when you walk to the table with any one of these eye catching pastas on a serving platter. It just got hotter in the kitchen! Aprons by Tootlepip should be worn with extreme care as your honey will not leave you alone in the kitchen. And, you just might find yourself in another room (wink). How could we resist the sexy aprons designed by Nicole Phillips and Marsha Sherrod, the mother/daughter team dreaming up such alluring aprons? We absolutely adore the black satin and lace vintage inspired apron, adorned with a hot red flower. When you where this apron you may place a rose in your mouth, grab your special somebody and do the tango. This apron will definitely add passion to your cooking. We are also tremendously fond of the French baby doll apron. The name of that one says it all! For a softer, more feminine sexy take a look at the luxury linen floral fashion apron. Gorgeous! Tootlepip has created many aprons for those of you who would prefer something a little tamer, such as their garden designs. So, don’t wait another minute, click on over to Tootlepip and see what apron suits you. Photo credit: TootlepipbyNicole We hope you check out these Fudo Finds and enjoy them as much as we do.
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