holidays: sharing the tastes of christmas

As we all know, work can be so hectic along with all the hustle and bustle of daily life. Hopefully, an early notice on the planned event for the holiday season, “The Tastes of Christmas” card exchange, will give you enough time to prepare and join in the festivities. All the information you need to know is available for your perusal on the right-hand side bar. We warmly welcome all aspiring chefs, food photographers, food bloggers, food enthusiasts, et al. Everyone who are invited to join belong to the food community and we encourage all to connect with our close knit group where we share a kinship for having the same passion. How to participate: We value all personal information you will be sharing. As a safety measure, to join in on the fun, please send us your information by using the contact form. Both of us will be participating,... Read the Rest →