fudo finds friday: blackbird pie company

Our last post featured a giveaway. If you haven’t commented and added your name please click here and do so. We are giving away a lovely hand carved cutting board. We found the cutting board at the farmers market, a hub for artesian products and fresh produce. These days you may find some of the same produce from the farmers markets on the tables of your local restaurants. It is wonderful to see that more and more restaurants are keeping the food seasonal and local. One such restaurant is called Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen. From the folks at Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen comes Blackbird Pie Company. “Scott Mahar is an acclaimed executive chef who brings his dedication to whole foods and local sourcing with him to Blackbird Pie Company. He is currently the Executive Chef at Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Under Chef Scott’s direction, Poppy Hill was... Read the Rest →