easy desserts & recipes: the ombré layered fluffy white cake recipe graduated in pink pastels & rose cake

Layered cakes will make any celebration twice the fun. An ombre cake will do just the trick in adding that special festive mood in every delicious bite. Ombré means shaded in French. There is no clear history of the origins of ombre cake but its popularity is unmistakable. The distinct ombre style is a graduation of colors that are usually layered from dark to light. This unique and gorgeous cake is the perfect way to let out your inner artistic talent by an explosion of colors! There is a rainbow of colors to choose from to create such an effect. But to achieve it, layering is always a necessity. Depending on your mood, let’s say you’re feeling blue or you’re up for something spectacular like orange, the gradients of colors will always make your cake worth ogling or better yet… eating! Here is a collection of tips when making ombre... Read the Rest →