easy desserts & recipes: tiramisu entremet

Entremets is an Old French word that means “between servings”. In modern French cuisine, entremet is a dish served in between courses to cleanse the palate for the next dish or it can simply be a dessert. This was common among the nobility and upper middle class in Western Europe, in the later part of the Middle Ages and the early modern period. An entremets’ main function was to herald the end of a course, be a conversational piece (hence, its elaborateness) and to prepare the diner for the next dish. Nowadays, entremet’s are usually chilled desserts that are made with layers of mousse and cake. It can even include pastry creams that help it set better. One of my favorite entremet’s is the Matcha Entremet (green tea). Matcha is increasingly becoming popular, not just because of its health benefits and effectiveness to help you detoxify after a rich food... Read the Rest →