just desserts: theobroma ice cream with ground cherries

Recently my husband and I toured the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. After the tour and beer tasting we purchased quite a few interesting brews. Upon returning home we experienced the heat wave that hit much of the US. Scorching heat is best served with an ice cold beer for the over 21 crowd or ice cream for the under 21 crowd. Why not combine the two for an amazing (adult) summer treat. Dogfish Head Brewery produces what are known as “craft” brews. To be defined as a craft brewer output must be 6 million barrels or less. This figure was only recently changed by the Brewer’s Association from 2 million barrels to 6 million barrels, allowing craft brewers to expand their production. Visit the Dogfish Head website and you will be able to read about the many varieties of beer that they produce, buy for the sake... Read the Rest →