breakfast: the scrambled omelette

Breakfast is always an important part of a day. It gives you the energy to get you through the oftentimes hectic morning. Sometimes, it can even be a reason for you to get out of bed (that’s if you’re lucky enough to be living with someone who can cook, has some semblance of knowing how to cook, or better yet, if you are a great cook yourself). The easiest and healthiest breakfast for me is an omelette. It is versatile because I can decide on just how heavy or healthy it can be. Sometimes, the simplest dish such as an omelette can be the hardest to perfect. A flawless omelette should be light and fluffy, as if biting onto a cloud of eggs. Even I, who have made countless omelettes, can still be a victim of hit and miss (this time I added too many vegetables and not enough egg).... Read the Rest →