fudo finds: calbee saya snow pea crisps

Having junk food for a snack is a way of life. C’mon, life’s too short to stay stuck in the band wagon of OCD on the few and simple pleasures of life, including enjoying food that is considered unhealthy. Just remember this simple saying “too much of anything is unhealthy” and you can never go wrong in your decision on what is healthy or not. To eat or not to eat is a question that will no longer plague you. “No TV after 6”, “wash your hands before you eat”, “do your homework”, and “eat your vegetables” are just a few of the more common reminders our parents used to drum into our senses every day of our childhood lives. Once we get to taste freedom from our parents, we still unconsciously try to find ways to rebel against these commandments that shackled us when we were kids. I really... Read the Rest →