holidays and recipes: red velvet cake pops for valentines day and photography tips

We love that cake pops have become so popular. We have cake love, but do not love cake butts. The cake pop is the perfect bite of cake allowing us to have our cake and eat it too! Making cake pops have become a simple task if you own the handy Babycakes cake pop maker. There are also cake pop pans , available, if you prefer baking in your oven. We love the ease in which you can create perfectly shaped pops in a short period of time. These are an ideal alternative to the cupcake, which we love, but can be cumbersome to transport if, say, making thirty of them for your child’s classmates. Easy to bake, easy to decorate and easy to wrap! For Valentine’s Day we suggest using a rich red velvet cake. We love Paula Deen’s recipe as it is a little heavy and holds up... Read the Rest →