holidays & recipes: 4th of july guests for breakfast & the belgium waffle

July 4th. Independence Day. The day when all Americans celebrate their freedom. From one region of the United States to the next traditional foods are prepared with the anticipation of backyard feasting and evening fireworks. Growing up on the East Coast, we often had many out of town guests, some opted for the “Hotel” experience and others dug in their heels (or sneakers) and spent the night at our house. Being the host or hostess can be hectic, I know this all too well.  What a better way to serve your guests with homemade waffles? We finally perfected the waffle batter over the years, this is, hands down, one of our favorite recipes.  You might want to buy another waffle iron depending on how many guests you have, but we usually have three going at once with a party of six or more (guests are hungry from the long trips... Read the Rest →