easy desserts & recipes: chocolate chocolate ice cream recipe by alton brown & bon appetite

Once in a while we just get in the mood for chocolate. As we’ve gotten older our tastes have changed. When we were younger we loved anything chocolatey, all the time. Now, we enjoy desserts with flavors that we would have spurned in our youth. But, there are those times when you crave a chocolate dessert. Over the past two days it has become hot…sauna hot. We went from sleeping with our windows open to buttoning up the hatches and cranking the air. When craving chocolate in this weather there is nothing left to do but make chocolate ice cream. Creamy, smooth, simply delicious chocolate ice cream will be the only thing to hit the spot. We find ourselves, again, using an Alton Brown ice cream recipe for a good basic chocolate ice cream. But, if you want to get sexy and take it to orgasmic levels then try the... Read the Rest →


easy desserts & recipes: cream filled chocolate & orange shortbread cookies

It was 1977 and I was 9 years old when my sister took me to the theater and I saw the most amazing special effects movie of my life. I never cared for sci-fi movies as a child because, oddly enough, I found them unrealistic. (Funny, though, I did like the Jetsons, the cartoon about a futuristic family.) I grew up watching the classics from the 1940’s and 1950’s. And, after seeing every action/sci-fi movie ever made (you do that when you have two boys) I still prefer the classics. But, I will always have a fondness for Star Wars. George Lucas’ science fiction extravaganza opened up my eyes to a level of imagination I never considered and the story seemed completely plausible to my 9 year old logic. A whole generation of Star Wars fans was born on May 25, 1977 when the blockbuster movie opened for the first... Read the Rest →


news: contest canceled plus a giveaway and a chocolate mousse recipe

My Fudo News Flash: We are sorry to inform that the Oscar Weekend Contest has been cancelled due to lack of interest. In lieu of the contest we would like you participate in a giveaway. We understand that many of you have very hectic schedules. It is quick and easy to enter the giveaway: In order to enter the giveaway: 1. Please add us to your blogroll (we’d love it) (let us know you did) 2. Please “like” us on Facebook and add us as a friend. 3. Tweet and Post about it on Both Twitter and Facebook The winner will enjoy a copy of Essential Pepin, Jacque Pepin’s latest cookbook. To entice you we would like you to enjoy the following recipe from the prolific Jacque Pepin Photography Tips: 1. Rippled Cardboard Paper (Corrugated Paper) You can get this under four bucks! 2. Any featured chocolate desserts, break off... Read the Rest →