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What can you say about a person who you’ve known since you were 5 years old? I’ve known Michelle longer than anyone on this earth except my family. We met in kindergarten. Her mother, Arlette, was our art teacher from kindergarten to 8th grade. And, Michelle inherited her mother’s (and grandmother’s) amazing talents. I always admired Michelle’s talent, her eye for detail. As a child I was always proud that she was my friend. I was tall and awkward, with frizzy, curly hair and glasses. Michelle was petite and adorable, with thick, long blonde hair and a bright smile. But, we clicked. And, today, as an adult I am even prouder still of my dear friend. Michelle is the co-founder of Cloud9 Fabrics and currently the Design and Marketing Director. Because I won’t do Michelle justice I will defer to her about page information: “Michelle has spent her entire life... Read the Rest →