recipes: japanese potato salad with crab

I have often loved side dishes more than the meal itself, this Japanese inspired potato salad is no exception. Potato salad is one of those sides which are so versatile, every family has their own version. What’s not to love more than a cool, refreshing, and filling side dish during the summer months. What I love the most is that Japanese potato salad doesn’t have any acidic overtones. Potato salad for me is synonymous with cookouts, picnics, and lounging around on the beach with your coleman cooler snuggled between the sandwiches and beer. While living abroad, I had the opportunity to try Japanese potato salad, and while each family’s version differs, this is the one I love the best. Japanese Potato Salad with Crab Fresh, caned or frozen corn Thinly sliced cucumbers Thinly sliced onions (they should be soaked in water, and drained so they are less potent. A few... Read the Rest →