tastily touring: british indian ocean with scones and clotted cream recipe by alton brown

The British Indian Ocean Territory is our next Tastily Touring stop. And, once again we are in a part of the world that is uninhabited. The BIOT also known as the Chagos Islands is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom that consists of six main island groups that comprise the Chagos Archipelago. There are about one thousand tiny islands with 23 total square miles. The largest island is home to a UK/US joint naval support facility. The remaining islands are uninhabited. BIOT is located in the Indian Ocean between Africa and Indonesia. These islands were charted by Vasco da Gama in the early 1500’s and then claimed by France, becoming a possession of the Mauritius. Eventually agricultural workers (some of them slaves) were brought to the islands to work plantations. These workers were eventually known as Chagossians. In 1810 the United Kingdome captured Mauritius and France gave over the... Read the Rest →