fudofinds: grow your own salad with moonlight micro farm

During the long, cold months of winter we mourn the loss of our trips to the farmer’s market, basket in hand, warm breeze and sunshine. However, winter does not have to be completely devoid of this experience if you create your own windowsill garden. Looking at pots of fresh herbs growing, leaning towards the winter light coming through frost covered windows can be soothing. Snipping fresh herbs to add to your winter meal is satisfying. If you enjoy planting a vegetable and flower garden out of doors it might not be too early to get those seeds started depending on the climate zone in which you live. Beginning your garden from seed can be a little challenging, but it is also extremely rewarding. You’ll need to do a little research and planning: (1) Read about the climate zone in which you live. (2) Decide what you’d like to plant and... Read the Rest →