fudo finds: sunshine bakes snowflake mitten christmas cookies

A trio of tempting treats, Fudofinds features three amazing cookie creators and their creations to brighten up every imaginable occasion, from this holiday season, to birthdays, Easter, and even just your ordinary day. Here are cookies that are just too good to resist! First up we feature SunshineBakes, they specializes in handcrafted and decorated specialty sugar cookies. All cookie designs are originals. SunshineBakes is owned by Beth Kirby who has had an extensive career as a sales manager for a hotel as well as working part time for a catering company, and is a trained pastry chef. But the call of motherhood has brought her path to a successful specialty baking business and most of all, being a champion parent. SunshineBakes has been concentrating on wedding favors such as Big Heart Minis, Confetti and Monogram cookies. The business since then has branched out by bringing the business to Etsy and... Read the Rest →