2011 Christmas Card Exchange

A quick update to let you know the list will go out December 2nd, 2011, a day later than we anticipated, we wanted to extend it another day to allow for others to sign up. We’ll need your information by 10 p.m. EST, please use the contact us form. Christmas is just around the corner folks! What better way to remind us than by all the festive Christmas decorations in the stores and the joyful mood everyone seems to be in, unless you’re the Grinch!  In light of the season, we thought up an event called “The Tastes of Christmas” to give us a glimpse of how the joy of the season is spent in your own homes. We would like to remind everyone participating to include all the necessary details to make sure that everyone gets a Christmas card. We wouldn’t want anyone to be disappointed. As we all... Read the Rest →