tastily touring: visiting belgium with a chocolate truffle recipe by alton brown and food photography tips

We have reached Belgium on our “Tastily Touring” adventure. You can’t say the word “Belgium” without thinking chocolate. And, in light of the current issue of Food network magazine, “The Chocolate Issue”, we could not have “landed” in Belgium at a better time. But, before we become consumed in chocolate talk, let’s learn a little about Belgium. In 1830 The Kingdom of Belgium became independent from the Netherlands. It was occupied by Germany during World War l and World War ll. Belgium is a founding member of the European Union and a member of NATO. Located in Western Europe and bordered by Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France, and the North Sea, Belgium is at a European crossroad and could be considered a European melting pot. Belgium derives its name from the Belgae, a Celtic tribe and during the past two millennia has been influenced by cultures: Roman, Germanic, French, Dutch, Spanish... Read the Rest →