tastily touring: bosnian style baklava

It is time for another Tastily Touring post. I had a full post written when I opened the newspaper at the beginning of April and I saw an aerial photo of a street that looked as if it had been painted red. Reading further I learned that what made the main street of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, look red was not paint, but the 11,541 red chairs that were placed there to commemorate the Sarajevans that were killed in the longest siege in modern history. The red chairs are a hard, cold visual reminder of the human cost of war. Of the 11,541 chairs, 1,600 were small ones, for children. More than 50,000 Sarajevans were wounded and over 100,000 people were killed throughout the country during the Bosnian War (April 1992-December 1995). The red chairs were placed on the main street through Sarajevo to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the... Read the Rest →