a place setting in time: i love lucy (birthday) chocolate fudge with walnuts recipe

Lucille Ball made millions of people laugh. She was an outstanding comedienne who made her mark in television, but also was a film, stage and radio actress. She blazed the way for today’s comediennes. On April 26, 1989 the legendary Lucille Ball passed away at the age of 78, leaving behind a body of work that has brought joy to many generations. I Love Lucy, probably her most famous endeavor is one of our favorite TV show. However, Lucille Ball had an impressive career that did not start with that television series. She began modeling in 1929 and worked on Broadway during the same period. She was a radio actress and also had roles in many “B” movies; so many that she was called “Queen of the B’S”. Ever flexible, Ball transitioned to television and became a star. She continued to work in television and film, even becoming the first... Read the Rest →