a place setting in time: shortbread pinwheel cookies (the loch ness monster)

The Loch Ness Monster, commonly referred to as Nessie is well known throughout the world. The legend of Nessie’s existence dates back almost 1500 years ago. But, it is on May 2, 1933 that the legend takes on a life of its own. A sighting is reported by a local Scottish Highland couple. The story, reported in the Inverness Courier, is picked up by London papers and, as we say today, it went viral. Those who study the history of the Loch Ness Monster find many references to Nessie that date back to 500 AD. Stones in the area of Loch Ness, the largest body of fresh water in Great Britain, reveal carvings, possibly made by the Picts, of a strange water beast. In the 7th century a note made regarding Nessie can be found in the biography of Saint Columba, who saved a man who was about to be... Read the Rest →