life is delicious: strawberry shortcake

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our newest series: Life is Delicious. On the original Strawberry Shortcake poster you will find those words. And, it is so true, isn’t it?! When I was writing the Star Wars post I was looking up other happenings in 1977. I stumbled upon the Strawberry Shortcake character that was designed in 1977 by Muriel Fahrion, a greeting card illustrator at American Greetings. Strawberry Shortcake and her cat, Custard, were originally seen on greeting cards, but the adorable character became a huge hit. She could soon be found on lunch boxes, posters and sticker albums. It was in the 1980’s, though, that Strawberry Shortcake and friends became the big trend with young girls. Eventually Strawberry Shortcake TV specials, video games, and movies were made that included many of the thirty two characters Fahrion created. Each subsequent character had a fruit or dessert themed... Read the Rest →