fudo finds: fathers’s day & spice rubs & many more

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It is time to start shopping and do we have some fantastic finds to share with you! Grilling Gifts When do the men, who typically can only be found in the kitchen when dinner is finished cooking, have an uncontrollable desire to cook? When it involves a great deal of fire and smoke, of course! What man is not the master of his own grill? Show him you appreciate his grilling skills with the following gifts: Aprons Your grill master will need an apron so try one of these fun aprons on for size: From Sweet Bohemian Life a fun apron that is 100% cotton with the following on the apron “My House My Rules” and a picture of a “retro guy”. The apron is adjustable around the neck and has a double pocket in the front. For a simple statement that gets... Read the Rest →


holidays: thanks dad!

Father’s Day. It is when we pause to say “Thanks Dad.” We may all have different ways and different reasons to say “thank you”. Some may be more traditional than others, but no matter how you say it, for most fathers it is a day when they replenish their sock supply, stock up on after shave or add, yet another, tie to their wardrobe. These are easy gifts for young children to pick out and purchase. But, if you have a little bit of time, you can add a special touch to your Father’s Day celebration. When you take the time out of your day to bake something it shows that you truly appreciate the many hours that Dad devotes to his family. Baking with your children is both fun and an eye opener for they are creative in ways that only children can be. The keys to a successful... Read the Rest →


holidays: fathers day rosette cake

For Fathers day  I wanted to do something that was fun, and family orientated.  My niece,  who can barely reach the table wanted to bake a cake, I  could anticipate the fun already. Being the on-hands person that I am, I tried to guide her, but she stood proudly, mixing, measuring, and for a moment I thought we had a mini-pastry chef  in the kitchen. Living so far away from my father can be an intimidating task trying to properly honor dad. I have such fond memories growing up, and fathers day was no exception. On father’s day, we’d have three generations gather at our family cookouts with foods that I love, steamed crabs, corn on the cob, and various salads and dips, which are reminiscent of everything-summer. As I pondered what to get my father for this special day, honoring him, I came to the grand-daddy of ideas. My... Read the Rest →