worldly wednesdays: lamingtons recipe a visit to australia

Aboriginal Australians are believed to have first arrived on the Australian mainland by boat from the Indonesian archipelago between 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. They spoke one or more of hundreds of separate languages and dialects, and their lifestyles and cultural traditions differed from region to region. The first recorded European contact with Australia was in March 1606, when Dutch explorer Willem Janszoon charted the west coast of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. European explorers and traders continued to chart the coastline of Australia, then known as New Holland. In 1688, William Dampier became the first British explorer to land on the Australian North West coast. It was not until 1770 that another Englishman, Captain James Cook made a scientific voyage to the South Pacific in order to further chart the east coast of Australia and claim it for the British Crown. Britain decided to use its new outpost as... Read the Rest →