tastily touring: a bahamian recipe coconut candy

Imagine warm, soft sandy beaches, a slow, relaxing breeze blowing through the coconut palms and the soft lapping sound of the translucent aquamarine waters glistening under the sun. Then you hear, in the distance, a deep, rich voice crying out, “Coconuts!” A smiling face approaches as you open your eyes and ponder the thought of eating a fresh coconut, opened in front of you. Nothing can replace the experience of enjoying this tropical treat in its purest form as you rest in a tropical paradise. But, you can enjoy the next best thing, coconut candy (recipe below). Coconuts are an iconic island food. We love fancy, tropical drinks in coconut shells, we think of the islands when we see or eat coconut. You will find coconuts to be readily available for consumption on any of the 30 inhabited, out of the 700 Islands OF the Bahamas. Spanish explorers introduced the... Read the Rest →