cooking trends: sliders: not just burgers

Sliders are extremely popular in the USA. They are the ideal pub food. Of course, the most popular sliders are simply miniature hamburgers. However, with the popularity of sliders came more diversity. We’ve eaten lamb sliders, buffalo sliders, bbq pork sliders and buffalo chicken sliders just to name a few. Each slider is delicious in its own right and for each slider there is a complimentary beer. We find our sliders a perfect solution to the gooey, cheesy, moist dilemma that seems to plague this type of food. All types of sliders can be quite delicious when cooked properly, but if not a slider can be dry and disappointing. Our sliders are the perfect solution to this problem and they are perfect for any winter weekend party. The meat is prepared in a crock pot which allows you time to prepare for your party. When serving our sliders we recommend,... Read the Rest →